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Helping women connect with their own inner power and strength

I am a yoga therapist, a music lover, a mover and shaker, and I absolutely delight in the colors of fall! I help women who’ve been used to devoting themselves to others — other people, other causes, other activities — tune into what THEY really want and need AND develop their best practices to support the life they courageously CHOOSE to go after!

I’m no stranger to being devoted to others. I LOVED being home for my husband and our boys and supporting them in any way I could. Watching my husband achieve his career goals and our boys thrive in the activities they were interested in filled my heart. As a life-long learner, I consistently found time to continue my education in some format.

But I also felt my heart longing for more — something that was my very own where I could thrive.

Have you felt that longing too?

On my quest for personal growth, I received my first Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy session and it left a deep and lasting impression. The awareness and insight I received from my body when I really tuned in, was that it was okay to allow myself to BE MORE. What an awakening!

That single moment changed everything for me and inspired me to get more training so that I could help other women on their journey . . . other women who want to make the leap from living a good life to an INCREDIBLE life.

During my training, I discovered supportive practices were indispensable in helping me navigate the internal shifts that were happening as a result of my personal and professional growth and continue to be an integral part of creating my best life!

If you’re looking for support on your journey toward greater happiness, I can help. I can help you connect to your body — the wisdom that will allow you to tune into what YOU really want and need AND develop your best practices to support the life you courageously CHOOSE to go after!

Apply for a free Clarity Call to learn more. During our time together, I can learn more about your situation, we can determine if working together is the right fit, and — most importantly — we can help you start feeling less stuck in your life.

Professional Information

IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist with 1,000 hours of additional training including restorative yoga and assisting with Phoenix Rising yoga teacher trainings.

Personal Stuff

I grew up in the Midwest – Kansas, Iowa, and Nebraska.  After three years in Colorado, much of my adult life was spent in Omaha, Nebraska, and I now call Lee’s Summit, Missouri, my home.  Parts of my heart and soul are in the sunflower fields of Kansas, the Pacific Ocean, and the mountains of Vermont.  I married my best friend and he is my biggest supporter.  I have gotten the chance to experience super cool things like Times Square on New Year’s Eve, Yoga on the Pitch at Children’s Mercy Park, and zip line adventures here in Kansas City.  But I most love quiet nights in our backyard by the firepit and coffee on a lazy morning.  I’m a huge Sporting KC soccer fan, an avid reader, and I love to color to help ease stress.
I’m creating my best life and I want to help you do the same!
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