Therapeutic yoga & Mentoring for Women

Helping you connect with your own inner power and strength.

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Therapeutic yoga & Mentoring for Women

Helping you connect with your own inner power and strength.

Are you ready to live a life that is completely in alignment with who you are and honors your own unique energy and desires?

(Do you even know what your desires truly are?!)

WELCOME TO THIS MOMENT IN TIME WITH ME. As a woman and yoga therapist now creating my own exciting life, I understand how hard it can be to honestly reflect on your life and ask yourself the big questions:

Am I happy?
Do I feel fulfilled?
And maybe even, how the hell did I get here???

  • Maybe you followed the plan for your life perfectly, but it didn’t live up to your expectations. (Or is it possible that it wasn’t even YOUR plan to begin with?)
  • Perhaps “life” pulled you off course unexpectedly and now, years later, you find yourself drifting, seeking some sort of anchor or path.
  • It’s possible life got away from you before you could figure out what you wanted.
  • And maybe you even feel guilty for having some of these thoughts, because in theory your life is good, and perhaps even seems “perfect” to others.

Whatever road brought you to this moment, I want you to know that I’ve been there, and I get it. I see you, and I know that it can feel hard sometimes, even if you can’t exactly define what “IT”  is.

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Whatever road brought you here, I can help you CONNECT to the fire in your heart that longs to burn bright, EXPLORE the whispered needs of your body and soul that are yearning to be expressed, and COMMIT to taking informed action daily that will help you create the life you deserve.

I help women who’ve been used to devoting themselves to others — other people, other causes, other activities — tune into what THEY really want and need. AND develop their best practices to support the life they courageously CHOOSE to go after!

If you are ready to unchain yourself from old patterns, tune into the innermost callings of your heart, and courageously create a life THAT YOU WILL ABSOLUTELY LOVE!!!, then I invite you to apply for a free Clarity Call.  During our time together, I can learn more about your situation, we can determine if working together is the right fit, and — most importantly — we can help you start feeling less stuck in your life.

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